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“Marni naa pudni.” Welcome
Ninna Marni (is the Kaurna greeting for “hello, how are you?”)
We would like to Acknowledge that the land we meet on today is the traditional land of the Kaurna people
and that we respect their spiritual relationship with the land and Water of their Country

Please join us in respectful Acknowledgement for the land we meet on today and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Indigenous Peoples of Australia.

We are an Australian-owned small business based in South Australia
looking forward to connecting with you. Royalties are paid directly to the Indigenous Artists.

Dreamtimez products are created with with the Aboriginal artist who paints the original painting which is purchased at the Artists agreed retail price for the Archive original Collection purposes. The artist agrees to each product as it becomes optional after market & product research, and is paid a royalty (share of selling price) for every item sold with their design on it.

Firstly, this provides a contribution to the economic challenges faced by many Artists by creating reliable income sources with them. This is achieved through the payment of royalties to the artists on each purchase of products we develop, supporting livelihoods & preserving Australia’s traditional art forms.

Enjoying these beautiful indigenous artworks is also contributing to the preservation and promotion of allowed ancient teachings, such as the “Connection to Country” and Heritage Teachings, which are embedded within the designs, helps to ensure that these important cultural elements are recognised and are passed down through generations, by supporting the Teachers who are the families.

By showcasing these designs in your homes and workplaces, individuals can add a significant touch of Australian history and culture to these living spaces, creating an appreciation for and understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people.

Enjoy the designs as well as their connection to our Country.

Thank you Rhubee Neale Briscoe, Janet Golder Kngwarreye, Megan Umuka Lyons, Carolyn Tjruwa Dunn, Selina Napaljarri Malbunka, Maureen Hudson Namijinpa, Justinna Sims and Marshall Robertson who feature in our inaugural collections.

What we see today has evolved from teachings: Where to find seasonal food and medicines, water, protected places to camp, where the sacred and ceremonial sites are, where to find grasses for baskets, trees for coolamons and hunting tools, where meeting places are and places of importance. The Art of Living with Nature.

Designed with Original Artwork from South
& Central Australia

THE artworks featured are reproduced in a Licensed agreement with The Artist who painted the original artwork and owns the image copyright.
The Copyright of these images remains with the Artist. Reproduction of these images is not permitted.
Royalties are paid directly to the Artist, creating a reliable income stream from their artwork.
Thank you for your support of this beautiful decor, fashion and gift collaboration.
This background image belongs to Selina Napaljarri Malbunka,