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  • Sale! Janet Golder Dreamtimez Desert print and Cushions.Janet Golder Dreamtimez Water box framed print

    Prints – Floating Framed Canvas – by Janet Golder “My Country” Desert

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    Printed wall art by Janet Golder “My Country” in desert colours.
    Size: 60 x 90cm + White box frame
    The original painting shows a bird’s eye view over Janet’s Country in the dry season palette.
    We see camps sites, wild yam and other fields, waterways, hills, shelter, medicine leaves, and ceremonial grounds.
    Where to find the Spinifex grass for baskets and seasonal foods (bush tucker mapping)

  • Sale! Maureen Hudson Connections Dreamtimez PrintMaureen Hudson Connections Dreamtimez Print

    Prints – Floating Framed Canvas – by Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa “Connections”

    Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $390.00. Inc GST

    This beautifully box-framed print “Community” from original artwork by Aboriginal Artist Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa.
    Size 90 x 60cm + frame. Prewired to hang both vertically and horizontally.
    This represents people standing together (the U shapes) within their family, their community groups and their country.
    The circles show the camps and meeting places that are so important to culture throughout history.

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